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How to add your Bio

  • First, go to the Camper Bios on the wiki
  • Click on the "Edit" link at the top of the page (you need to be logged in for this - otherwise that link won't show)
  • Add your name to the bottom of the list, like this:
* [[Will Sacks aka Courage]]
* [[Lolly]]
  • Click save. You should now see your name at the bottom of the list, but it will be red and have a dotted line underneath. This indicates that it links to a page that doesn't exist yet. No worries: we are now going to create that page!
  • Click on your name. This will take you to a page that says: "This topic does not exist yet"
  • Click on the "Create" link at the top of the page
  • start typing away on your bio! click save when done... That's it!!

You probably shouldn't need to worry too much about wiki syntax. Just enter your text, separate paragraphs with an empty line, and everything should be peachy! There are a number of formatting buttons at the top of the edit window that can help you add a little more flair to a page if you want to. E.g. headings, bold, italics, numbered and unnumbered lists, ...

One note about creating links (like you did when you added your name to the list): a link is created whenever you put some text in between double brackets, like so: [[yourlinkhere]]. You should try to keep the actual link short as the name of the link will end up in the webpage URL (the http://... part), but if you want to have it display as something longer, just follow the link with an '|' and the longer text, like so: [[isa|Isabeau Vidal]]. This will create a new page with a short link called 'isa' but the link will actually display as "Isabeau Vidal"