8-8-17 Meeting Minutes & Update

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KK Campers! Our final Camp Meeting was an amazing success. It was an honor to hang with you all and be surrounded (physically and digitally) with the absolutely best crew that KK has ever had. Everything we have been working on all year round has been turning out better than I ever imagined. The talent, the dedication, the organization - has blown my mind. I know that every single leader and contributor feels the same way. So, lets take this energy and fucking awesomeness out to playa.

As always, you need to read this all. It is important, and it will make your Burn Better. This email will cover most of what we discussed in the meeting: (1) Container Details, (2) Shift Updates, (3) Wikki Updates and Reminders, (4) Arrival on Playa, (5) Departure from Playa, (6) T-shirts and Shwag, and finally, (7) The camp Map.

Lets get to it folks, we all have too much to do this time of year


  • Container Load-in is this Sunday, August 13th, from 9:00 AM until 4:00ish PM. Please be there for as long as you can.
  • KK is running containers this year. We have 5 containers, which is more than they ever had going out. More containers = More work. So, all hands on deck.
  • This is a part of our camp. It is the first time we will all work together as a cohesive camp.
  • It is fun, it is festive. Bring food, drinks, shade,
  • Make sure to have your forms, check in, load your stuff, arrive on time, follow all the rules. Really, all the rules.
  • Go here for the address, the rules, the list of what not to pack, and general great info: http://www.kostumekult.com/nyc-container/

Shift Updates

  • Shift Signups are almost complete. If you have not done your signups yet, seriously, get to it. Now.
  • We have a new system this year, and it is actually working well. Thank you everyone.
  • Here is where you go to learn how to sign up for shifts: http://wikki.kostumekult.com/index.php/Shift_Signup_Procedure. The link to all of the pages that contain the info on each type of shift and the info on where to access the signups is linked off that page as well. GO check it out.
  • If anyone still has not signed up in the next day or so, I will be signing you up for any shifts left. You will still have to show up. Don't be that person, please go and find the sheets and sign up.

Wikki Updates

  • Your Wikki has lots of great info. Really. It gets updated a lot. Check it out.
  • http://wikki.kostumekult.com/index.php/KKBM17
  • Your menus for build and burn week have been uploaded. You can find them on the wikki. Go explore it.
  • There are helpful lists and tips and it is just a great place to get all the links and resources listed in one simple place.

Arrival on Playa

  • All cars enter at 6:00 in the back. Make a right on one of the back roads, and then a left on 5:00. Drive up 5:00. Turn right on Avenue A. Camp will be on the left. On the corner. You will see an access road between pods. If you hit the containers, you went too far.
  • STOP YOUR VEHICLE AT BACK OF CAMP, out of the way as much as possible. DO NOT pull all the way in without checking in and having someone else there with you.
  • When we tell you where to park, leave a paper with name and pod on car at all time (like, inside the windshield where visible but won't blow away and become MOOP)
  • Make a spare key, if you can, and possibly give it to another responsible person. Lockouts or any other repairs and issues can be very costly on playa.
  • If you arrive at night, just park in the back and wait for morning, sleep in car if need be.
  • RVs - MUST MUST MUST check in before trying to enter camp. Especially at night. Make sure DK or Isa places you then gets you hooked up. DO NOT PLUG YOURSELF IN, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.
  • There are all sorts of obstacles and things in our camp that may not be readily visible to you, especially at night. Rebar, power lines, tie-downs, low wood bars, etc. YOU WILL FUCK YOUR CAR AND OUR CAMP UP
  • Build ends when the work is done - when you arrive, check in with your POD, and check in with camp leads - we will likely still need help and we want to give the build crew time to recover and get ready for the actual burn.
  • Saturday and Sunday Eliza will be giving tours of the camp and where everything is. Get on one of those, they are fun and informative
  • CAMP MEETING ON PLAYA - for all campers, Sunday after dinner. We will start with a B.E.D. workshop and then have a general camp meeting. It will last a bit, but please, come and be there. You are required to be there. Don't make me find you.

Departing from our lovely Playa home

  • No one can leave playa without getting a camp lead to sign off on their personal space and pod. You have to find one. We will come look at your space. If its a mess, you dont leave until its clean. I dont care when your flight is. Please plan accordingly.
  • NOTE: Please plan your ride out from playa in advance, with room for all your stuff and your Garbage. Its really difficult when people are just waiting around expecting a ride. Especially if you have a lot of stuff to take with you, such as shade structures, etc. Please make sure that your ride is not leaving playa earlier than you promised. EVERY YEAR, people come to us and want to leave playa earlier than they promised. Reno seems inviting after so long in the dust. Bear in mind that many of the people staying until the bitter end on Tuesday are also the people who arrived on playa Monday morning of early arrival and built your camp. It is not OK to ask me to leave earlier. I dont care if thats your only ride - it is your fault for not having a ride out on the proper date. If you are sick or dying, we can talk. If you just want a shower and pool party, well, join the club. Be a good citizen and live up to what you signed up for.
  • NOTE: The wiki has a list of early arrival and breakdown crew. Please check it and confirm that you are staying until the date you promised: http://wikki.kostumekult.com/index.php/Early_Arrival_and_Breakdown_2017

T-shirt and Schwag

Finally, your Camp Map!!

Yeah, go and feast your eyes on this shit: http://wikki.kostumekult.com/index.php/KKamp_Layout_2017

Ok, we are at the end. You made it. Seeee, this was not SO bad.

Last chance for questions before playa and before container. Get them in while you can. XOXO