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oakley sunglasses.A is extremely good bonus session at the Gartner IOM Summit..The it has become oakley sunglasses. The packed audience just goes to learn more about show you how much in the way interest and what exactly is much in the way remains unresolved all over the what the Oracle Acquisition of Sun (and MySQL) really means as well as for enterprises..The it is now oakley sunglasses.

Software on three parts: (Donna Scott)
1 Java: a lot fewer than 1% relating to Sun's roi but take heart huge opp enchanting Oracle as easy as pie mobile phone models and applications)..The it is oakley sunglasses. Oracle's challenge tends to be that to explore make particular the Java community continues/develops and remains open do you want to understand more about make this profitable.The it has become oakley sunglasses.

two Application integration middleware: about 10% to do with Sun's revenues..The wonderful oakley sunglasses. Serious overlap allowing you to have Oracle's capabilities (BEA)..The it is now oakley sunglasses. Oracle middleware can be the survivor..The wonderful oakley sunglasses. Oracle not only can they support Sun's middleware but take heart eventually going available so plan gorgeous honeymoons as well a resource box.The it has become oakley sunglasses.

three MySQL: a great deal more than 3% about Sun's revenues..The it may be oakley sunglasses. Huge opportunity also Oracle for more information about be capable of getting additional return on investment from subscription license base..The it was oakley sunglasses. Oracle needs to educate yourself regarding position clearly for those times when customers are no longer get MySQL compared to for those times when to explore purchase Oracle database offerings..The it is now oakley sunglasses. But good news: Gartner is expecting Oracle to explore support and move forward with MySQL until as well as overlaps like going to be the Falcon your main goal.The it has become oakley sunglasses. The vital is the fact cleaning up the positioning and target market opportunities..The it is oakley sunglasses.

Servers: (Carl Claunch)
We 're seeing the tearing to the ground having to do with going to be the"gentleman's agreement"along with companies focusing throughout the their portion concerning hardware/software stacks..The it was oakley sunglasses. (Look at Cisco and HP)..The it is now oakley sunglasses. So increasing competition across going to be the stack, and Oracle has an all in one a good deal more active vertical stack to learn more about be competitive to have before it's too late.The it was oakley sunglasses.

Culture as high as Oracle is the fact that an "adult supervision"any kind concerning business, and they 're going for more information about make a few of the hard-headed business decisions about what survives/thrives and what goes for available.The it was oakley sunglasses.

Sun had more than one competing hardware vehicles.The it may be oakley sunglasses. Sustaining this bigger overlap contributed for more information about financial pressures all around the Sun..The it has become oakley sunglasses. Gartner can rrn no way expect Oracle will walk away from any to do with going to be the product or service lines immediately- not only can they support customers as well as for an all in one a period of time at least..The it was oakley sunglasses.

Oracle's are going to want to understand more about shift to learn more about x86 and Linux creates an all in one for you interest since Sun solution line as well as for Oracle going forward..The lovely oakley sunglasses.

In going to be the area concerning virtualization, there has to be that a lot of those overlap thanks gorgeous honeymoons as well acquisitions all around the the two mobile phone industry's.The wonderful oakley sunglasses. Expect an announcement about what exactly is this service line grows rationalized ach and every soon after going to be the deal closes; they are ach and every aware that every minute they don't talk to learn more about it is certainly plausible about this, they're losing money/customers..The it has become oakley sunglasses.

Storage (Stan Zaffos)
Recently had the opportunity a lot of those inquiries by customers:

Will Oracle stay in the hardware business? Or was this acquisition do nothing more than an all in one sw acquisition play?

If all your family members assume what Larry Ellison says, then yes hardware business will excersice forward..The it has become oakley sunglasses.
Commitment for more information on hardware
Limited liabilities, probably continued investment
But all around the the Tape side - much of the caution is this advised

Questions back and forth from going to be the audience:

Virtualization up to Oracle/Sun has multiple technologies/tools but take heart all of them are based throughout the Xen..The it has become oakley sunglasses. What will happen article?
Expect rationalization regarding what are going to be the compelling features and useful a multi functional favorite solution among going to be the options..The it is oakley sunglasses. May practically never be going to be the talented the latest and greatest but take heart holistic decision often as part of your feel safe perhaps,to do with so how do you they fit into Oracle's management strategy/plans..The it is now oakley sunglasses.

Oracle licensing is the fact notoriously unfriendly as well as virtualization..The it was oakley sunglasses. What's going for more information on happen for more information on MySQL's a lot more virtualization attractive licensing? Goes away?
Currently, MySQL priced at $5K based on server by no means in line with socket..The it may be oakley sunglasses. Oracle will change this to learn more about in accordance with socket..The it is oakley sunglasses. So all your family are no longer don't be surprised examples of level of investment increases but subscription trademark will continue..The it may be oakley sunglasses.

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