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I just wanted to update everyone on what has been happening with the plans for our amazing camp, and get you all up to speed on various things. This email is a bit long, but I know that you like it that way, so be nice and read it all and dont get tired and give up before completion. If you have not done so yet, please make sure that you fill out the form at the link posted below with all your camp plans.

1) Introductions - we have a thread going on this list for people to introduce themselves and tell everyone a little bit about who they are, etc. Please chime in if you have not done so yet.


Black and Light Ball - Black and Light Ball, our annual spring fundraiser (produced with Disorient) is this Saturday June 1st! Get your tickets! Volunteer to help setup! Come out at 6:00 PM for sunset on the roof, and stay for the party all night long! Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/540893555962560/

Figment - Stay tuned for information on how to volunteer with KK at Figment. People will be needed :-)

3) Communication - Everyone in our camp should be on this email list, the facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/475873862471524/) and be aware of the Wiki (http://wiki.kostumekult.com/index.php/KKBM13). The wiki is still being filled in, but it will be a good source of camp info as well as the place you will sign up for shifts (coming soon). Its SUPER important that you all stay aware of what is going on and what needs to be done. BM comes faster than you know it, and the success of our camp is dependent on everyone working well together. If we have to chase people, it wastes time that can be better spent on other things. Please read each and every email. Please be familiar with the wiki. Please sign up for things when asked, and offer opinions when there is a discussion. It shouldn't surprise anyone that it takes all you crazy fucks to cooperate in order to have a successful theme camp.

NOTE: BM Camp communication and discussion should be on the KKBM13 facebook and google group, and not on the regular DisKKuss list or the regular Kostume Kult facebook page.

4) PODs - Our camp is broken into Pods. This year we anticipate having between 5-7 pods. Basically, Pods are around 10-15 campers who camp together at Burning Man. Pods often pool resources on things like a camp stove, lights for the pod, pots, food, etc. Pods usually come up with a name for themselves and some sort However, the primary purpose of Pods is to create group shade structures. Shade structures are super important at Burning Man because the sun will quickly make your tent unbearable as soon as it rises in the morning. A hot tent makes sex less fun, and sleeping near impossible. You will wake up gasping for air, and not in the sexy way. A good shade structure will help you be able to sleep a little longer in the morning and will also help provide a place to sit and hang during the day. Some shade structures also have walls to help keep some of the dust out. Please start dividing yourselves into Pods. Approach the people who you think that you want to camp with. I will make sure that everyone has a pod, but the earlier we have this divided up, the more time you will all have to plan. NOTE: Please let me know as pods develop so that I can keep the Wiki updated and keep on top of all the camp planning.

5) Camping Plans - In order for us to be able to plan, we need to have the details of your plans. if you have not done so, please go to this link and fill the form out in its entirety (note - its a few pages): http://tinyurl.com/BM13info

6) Early Arrival and Breakdown 2013 - Early Arrival crew builds the camp infrastructure so that its ready when the gates open on Sunday night. Breakdown takes it all away and packs it up and makes sure that we are a green LNT camp. EVERY person who steps foot on playa before gates open needs an early arrival pass (as well as their ticket of course). We are limited in how many we get, and priority goes to people who arrive earlier. This year, there are three early arrival dates that you can choose from if you want to participate. For each date, you must arrive in reno and do any shopping needed there the day before so that you can be on playa by mid-day on the date you are slotted for. We plan on all eating a big breakfast together in reno on each of these days and then heading out as a pack (Think: PEGS GLORIFIED HAM N EGGS!!!!!)

The early arrival dates are: Monday Morning, August 19 Wednesday Morning, August 21 Friday Morning, August 23

Breakdown means that you stay until Monday night or Tuesday night (September 2-3). This is key work that really helps us a lot. PLEASE, if you can, do not book your flight out of reno to return any earlier than Wednesday. Many hands make the work go easy. And I will love you forever, and consider having your babies (but not paying for them).

7) NYC Container - There is a container camp that sends shipping containers our to BM. The containers are loaded in Jersey City, NJ a few weeks before the burn, are sitting on playa waiting for you to get your stuff out when you arrive, and then you pack your stuff back in at the end of BM and it comes back to NJ a few weeks after. The website is not updated yet with this years info, but it is here: http://www.nyccontainer.com/ You buy space by the cubic foot, so volume is what matters, not weight. Everything must be packed into sturdy bins and square/rectangle shapes are ideal because they will box out any irregular shaped items for their calculations. Space will go on sale usually in early July, and will sell out fast. Stay tuned!

8) Tickets - If you do not have a ticket yet, please sign up for STEP and please register for the last chance sale. In addition, please let me know and I will put you on my list for ticket purchases. IF YOU HAVE A TICKET FOR SALE, please let me know ASAP.

See you all soon! Snuggles and spanks!